Markham, Ontario Canada

Canadian record holding power lifter Jason does #goodmornings with a Cambered Squat Bar (from @Forceofhabit2). The bar does two unique things: 1. Allows for lower hand placement that is easier on the shoulders. 2. Adds instability to the weight and forces the core stabilizers to work harder.


Diego Sontacchi

Ontario, Canada

“Its been a goal of mine to squat over 600lbs, today i achieved 605lbs PR with a camber bar. Morning body weight at 183 lbs. The camber bar allows me to squat lowbar with minimal elbow/shoulder pain. Time to set goals for 2016”


Pierre's Elite Performance

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

I wanna give a huge shout out @forceofhabit2 barbell company for there amazing cambered squat bar that I have been using for over 5 months now with all my athletes! It can be used in almost every lift and brings a different element to lifting! I personally love this bar and everything you can do with it! It has allowed me and all my athletes to go up in all our other conventional lifts! I highly recommend you check them out and get yourself a bar, with many to choose from!


Jake Ripco - Battlefield Strength and Performance

Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Got shoulder problems? Try out our new cambered squat bar from @forceofhabit2


Battlefield Strength and Performance

Hamilton, Ontario Canada

Taking our new Giant cambered Bar for a spin. Big thanks to @forceofhabit2 for making us this beauty.

Jamie Currie (Radix Performance Centre)

Oakville, Ontario Canada

Taking this #chambered #squat bar for a ride #tonight from @forceofhabit2 got this bad boy on loan for the next week, check this guy out for top notch bars


Diego Sontacchi

Ontario Canada

Playing with the new camber bar from @forceofhabit2 sets with 405lbs for reps. Still getting use to the swing on the bar, but it feels really comfortable.


Diego Sontacchi

Ontario Canada

500lbs low bar squat warmup. Being able to squat heavy often in lowbar without shoulder pain is a blessing. Loving this bar from @forceofhabit2


Torque Barbell

Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

Taking advantage of the cambered squat bar. A huge thanks to @forceofhabit2 for letting us try it out risk free.


Torque Barbell

Etobicoke, Ontario Canada

I decided to do some strongman yoke walks with the @forceofhabit2 cambered bar. 405 infinity sets. @torquebarbell loves this bar!

Kim D-Forge Performance & Fitness

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

New toy at Forge Performance Fitness. Cambered squat bar and I love it. Benefits those with shoulder injuries or rotator condition


Forge Performance & Fitness

Mississauga, Ontario Canada

Big thank you to @forceofhabit2 for allowing us to demo their cambered squat bar. Members!!! Let us know if you like it!!! Will only be in for 9 more days so get a couple sets in right away!!!


WODdrive (Twitter)

Quebec, Canada

Just got my @ForceOfHabit2 cambered bar today. As good as any cambered bar on the market I've used them all. Much less $ than rogue/elitefts


This is a long overdue post, but thank you for sending me these lifting straps, @forceofhabit2! I've gotten a lot of use out of the original ones, and I've been very, very satisfied with their quality and comfort. I'm looking forward to trying out this new style — especially now that I'm starting to put a little more weight on the bar!



Thank you, @forceofhabit2, for sending me these awesome grips! My hands and calluses thank you! They feel amazing.


Iron Strength Toronto

Kevin was the first person to take our new Cambered Squat Bar for a ride! Thanks again for the great service, @forceofhabit2!


Coach Josh Diesel

Coach Josh Diesel

120kg muscle clean and press with the fat bar. Maybe next time try some clean and jerks. @forceofhabit2