About FOH

Whether you are a beginner just having received your first weight set, someone who wants to tone and keep in shape, a gym rat, a bodybuilder or an advanced weightlifter, powerlifter or strongman, everyone knows the importance of developing a strong foundation.

Most mirrors in your home don’t go to the floor so it’s easy to overlook the legs. The development of the legs is so important to the overall symmetry of the sculpted body. You may develop massive shoulders, chest and arms but without the legs everyone will see an unfinished body and you may even be given the name “spaghetti legs” or worse, “chicken legs”.

With the continuous use of the cambered squat bar you will quickly increase your leg strength. The stronger the legs the more weight you will be able to squat. The more weight you squat the bigger your legs will get, one feeds off the other.

The cambered squat bar allows you to train the quads, hams and glutes hard, allowing for better biomechanical movement while decreasing the strain on the upper back. The ability to grip the bar lower greatly reduces the stress on the shoulders, wrists and elbows. Many lifters who have abandoned traditional squats with the straight bar due to shoulder pain and stiffness have come back to squats because of the cambered squat bar. The cambered squat bar is a great addition to any gym and adds variety to any strength training program.

The cambered squat bar by Force of Habit Barbell Company (FOH) is rugged, balanced and designed to last. The cambered squat bar is designed, manufactured and sold by Force of Habit Barbell Company (FOH) and proudly made in Canada. Others, don’t know SQUAT!