Cambered Squat Bar- Olympic 2" with Angled Camber

Olympic cambered squat bar specialty bar 13 inch camber

Big Dipper- 2” Olympic Cambered Squat Bar
with Angled Camber

  • 13” offset /camber
  • 90” in length, 39 lbs. bare bar
  • Rated 810 pounds
  • 1200 lbs. capacity
  • Train heavy
  • Compatible with Olympic weightlifting plates from all the major manufacturers including Eleiko, Rogue, Vulcan, Pendlay, Ivanko and York Standard
  • Fits a standard power rack
  • Hand made to the highest quality and specifications
  • Notched or coped tubing for superior strength
  • Also available in chrome and sandtex finish for superior grip
  • 90 day warranty against manufacturer’s defect