Cambered Squat Bar Brings Relief to Shoulders

Squats are of one of the most important exercises anyone can engage in, whether you visit the neighborhood gym a couple times per week to break a sweat or you are a dedicated weightlifter, bodybuilder or powerlifter. Few exercises can so quickly build leg and core strength as squats do.

Unfortunately, squats can also be among the hardest exercises for people to engage in if they are experiencing issues with their wrists, shoulders or elbows. Properly holding a traditional Olympic barbell requires significant external rotation, as well as putting severe strain on these areas. This often forces people to exclude the squat exercise from their training regime.

But why should shoulder problems prevent you from building your core and leg strength? That’s the question the cambered squat bar by Force of Habit Barbell Company is here to answer! Force of Habit is Canada’s only online fitness equipment company producing cambered squat bars and our cambered bars will reintroduce you to the wonders of squats, even if you are experiencing shoulder problems.

Benefits of the Cambered Squat Bar

A cambered squat bar also called a “modified center of mass bar” or “offset bar” is specifically designed to reduce stress on the shoulders, wrists and elbows, creating a squat lift that is solely focused on core and leg strength.
The cambered bar lowers the handgrip and weight position by 13-14″, depending on the model, putting the weight slightly above waist level. There is far less external rotation needed to grip the bar, which substantially reduces painful stresses on the shoulders and upper back. A cambered squat bar also reduces the role played by the upper back during squat work, focusing more of the workout on core/leg regions.

Furthermore, lowering the overall center of mass adds additional stability to the bar. Many users have reported seeing less left/right sway when squatting, as well as better tactile feedback if their posture has gotten off-balance. The lower center of balance tell a lifter if their posture needs correction more quickly than traditional squat bars. Scientific study has demonstrated the benefits of a cambered squat bar as well.

Force of Habit: Proudly Canadian-Made

Force of Habit is the premiere Canadian fitness equipment company when it comes to cambered squat bars and accessories. Our quality cambered bars are rugged, balanced and built to last. Our Olympic 2” Big Dipper and Standard 1” Little Dipper cambered bars are the best choice for people seeking a better way to do squats that reduces or eliminates the shoulder pain associated with squats.
To buy a cambered squat bar for yourself or your gym, shop Force of Habit Barbell Company products or contact us today!

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